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Pioneering creative pathways across diverse art forms & Providing support to our artists' community.

Do our ideas for exploring new avenues in artistic expression resonate with you? Become a part of our vibrant community and share in our creative journey!

Supporting Membership

€35 per person / season
€60 per family / season


We're a youthful and energetic team, ready to embrace fresh collaborative ideas with enthusiasm!

Harmonic Fusion

Commencing with music, we champion the interdisciplinary integration of various artistic expressions and human sciences, including performing arts, literature, visual arts, philosophy, and psychology.

Promotion of emerging talent

We encourage and provide young artists the opportunity to perform as soloists or collaborate with professional musicians on stage.

Creative / Interdisciplinaire

We aspire to establish a platform that not only fosters creativity but also pioneers innovative pathways for diverse forms of art.

Social Concieceness

The association endeavors to elevate societal awareness of culture, infusing the art scene with a richer, more dynamic tapestry. Concurrently, we remain attuned to our surroundings, addressing societal concerns such as gender and diversity, climate change, and social injustice.

Artist Community

We cultivate an environment that nurtures the growth of our artists, fostering mutual support and facilitating extensive connections across diverse art forms.

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Silver Sponsor

  • Free admission to an event hosted by the association.
  • 10% discount for further events
  • Your company name and logo on the website, posters, flyers, and programs

Diamond Sponsor

  • Free admission for 2 people to an event hosted by the association.
  • 30% discount for further events
  • Your company name and logo on the website, posters, flyers, and programs
  • Product presentation (distribution of printed materials before and after the events)


Contributions are welcomed from those who wish to support the association but may not be interested in membership or sponsorship. Any amount is appreciated, and we express our gratitude in advance.

Bank details
Bank Name: Die Erste Bank
der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG
Account Name : Pro Resonance,
Verein zur Förderung von Musik und Kultur
IBAN : AT18 2011 1844 5456 4301